Play and Learn

Many students go to school demotivated. Often it’s not a matter of ability or willingness, but instead, it has to do with old-fashioned teaching methods. Moreover, distractions lurk around the corner in the shape of video games and social media. ASYLLABUS will change that.
Traditional books lack interaction and do not challenge students sufficiently. Reading a book requires far less from your senses than playing an interactive game. How else can it be that someone who can’t concentrate on his studies is able to concentrate on a video game for hours?
Furthermore, students are not challenged to get the best out of themselves through a reward system based on grades. Why study for a 10 if a 5.5 is also a pass? Strange, because when the same students participate in a game then suddenly a high score becomes important.
With APPSYLLABUS students play their lessons, instead of having to study them. The interactive classes turn the curriculum into an experience. By mastering a subject, students will earn skill points. By obtaining a sufficient number of skill points, students will move on to the next level, where they will find new information and assignments. The virtual dashboard offers insight into the learning process and automatically indicates what qualities the student in question has. In case a student gets stuck somewhere, APPSYLLABUS will connect them to the class experts who can earn skill points by helping others. Because students can keep track of each other’s progress, they will motivate one another to get better grades.